Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burger B great, chocolate b good.

Finding a good burger in Seoul is kind of difficult. I've been to a few of the recommended places, mostly all located in Itaewon, but I've always left with a kind of "meh" aftertaste. Either the patty isn't seasoned well enough or the bun just falls apart in your hands. It is with great pleasure that I announce the best burger in Seoul: Burger B in Hongdae.

On both trips to Burger B, I've been thrilled by the juiciness of the meat and the crisp vegetables. The Mushroom Burger (above) is served with whatever the hell those are, but they're not your typical white mushrooms. The Original BBB burger (below) has a "deluxe" patty, crispy toasted bun, and Tilamook cheddar cheese(!). Not to mention the fries, which are also crispy and fresh. It's in Hongdae, if you come out of Sangsu station and walk straight from exit three, it's on the left hand side.

After a burger, why not go get your chocolate on at Cacaoboom? Further down from Burger B, nestled in an alleyway that seems to have a surplus of cute cafes and chocolatiers, this small artsy shop is home to one of the most comforting deserts ever, the "chocolate bed."

Basically a slice of extra-thick, buttery and crunchy toast, slivered almonds, creamy chocolate that might've been a very rich pudding and a cold glass of milk, all for 6,000 won. I can imagine this being even better on a hot summer day, but even on one of the colder Spring days it felt like home (if my home was made of all things right with this world).

Cacaoboom is probably one of many chocolate shops in the area, but from what I've experienced here -- including the small piece of chocolate they gave complimentary that tasted like cinnamon and nutmeg -- they are top notch chocolate craftsmen and women. They also have chocolate fish, which I think are just fantastic. Who ever heard of a chocolate fish? Not this guy! Ha ha.

Note: I flipped the image horizontally.